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All on four dental implants

All on four dental implants

Currently the placement of all on four dental implants is one of the best options to obtain a durable denture over time and that allows the patient to enjoy good dental health for a long time.

New advances in technology, materials and dental techniques have facilitated the birth of modern treatments such as All on Four dental implants, with greater advantages and shorter recovery time for the patient. Sometimes it only requires a day of surgery and a week of rest.

When it comes to tooth loss, all on four dental implants, since its origins, have led to success and, with the passage of time, implant dentists have progressively improved the techniques for their placement. Currently, the concept All on Four dental implants is one of the most requested contemporary procedures.

At Premier Dental Care Jaco we evaluate each patient individually and recommend the best treatment. Each patient must know the risks and benefits the procedure as well as a weather forecast of life of the implant-supported restoration. The clinical application of some parameters and indices gives to sustenance to the suitable use of the success criteria and failure.

What exactly is All on four dental implants?

In general, the concept has been developed to provide a more efficient and reliable dental restoration, especially in totally edentulous patients or those who have lost most of their teeth. The treatment, with immediate loading or FIXED FULL ARCH RESTAURATION, uses only four implants to support a full-arch prosthesis. By requiring fewer implants, the All on Four dental implants rehabilitation reduces overall treatment time and, thus, offers new teeth in a single day, in addition to reducing the need for bone graft surgery.

The benefits of All on four dental implants

  • You get teeth in a single day: unlike traditional implant methods, the procedure is able to provide functional teeth in a single day. In this way, the treatment of dental implants is faster, more comfortable and more appreciated by the patient.
  • It is a fixed solution: unlike dental prostheses, the technique All on four dental implants is a fixed solution, which provides non-extractable teeth, with a great resemblance to natural parts and which act as the same.
  • It presents a great stability with only 4 implants: the posterior FIXED FULL ARCH RESTAURATION implants can be fixed in anterior bone, of better quality, and offer a better support of the prosthesis when reducing the cantilevers. Thus, it presents a great stability even with a minimum bone volume.
  • It is scientifically supported: as shown by multiple scientific research studies, the All on four dental implants procedure has consistently demonstrated good clinical results.

All on four dental implants hurts?

Pain and sensitivity are subjective criteria and depend on the patient’s interpretation of the degree of discomfort. Once the implant has achieved its primary healing, the absence of pain under vertical or horizontal forces is an important subjective criterion. Pain is often associated with mobility. The pain can occur when chewing, adjusting the screw of the abutment or percussion. Sometimes the pain can also be the result of inadequate adjustment of the prosthetic component or by pressure on the soft tissue by the prosthesis.

As the different reports show, the solution presents a higher efficiency compared to traditional implant procedures.

Sometimes, some patients have doubts about the modality of treatment to choose, always questioning what is the best option for their specific case.