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Costa Rica dental history

Costa Rica dental history is probably comming from the Mayans, who lived in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, the Mexican states of Campeche, Chiapas, Quintana Roo and Tabasco, in addition to some parts of Central America from around 250 CE to 900 CE. Also the Incas and the Aztecs took the Mayan methods for the reconstruction of dental pieces.

The Mayans.

For the Maya, their teeth and smile were of great importance and denoted social status and beauty.

It is believed that his dental practices had a religious and social character, but above all aesthetic and his technology was remarkable by observing the preparation of the dental cavity of the pieces to be treated.

Inlays of jade and turquoise made in Mayan’s teeth, tell that que ortodoncy began many years before Jesus Christ.

The cavity was made with a rudimentary drill, used quartz as an abrasive for its hardness. The incrustation could be of jade, amethyst, hematite, turquoise, quartz, cinnabar and iron pyrite. Finally, the incrustation was fixed with a perfect fit to the cavity by means of a calcium phosphate cement.

First dental steps.

The science of dentistry exist since ancient times, there were experts in dental problems, especially in the extraction of teeth, whose pathologies have affected humanity since its inception.

Until that moment the mouth was not very importan to take care. In fact the normal care was to rub the teeth daily with a rag, but if the pain appeared and the potions did not calm it, the solution was to extract the problematic part.

Dental extraction before the consolidation of dentistry was a form of public entertainment, as were executions. Of this one of the most well-known characters in Paris in the 18th century was Le gran Thomas.

The beginnings of ortodoncy

Dentistry began in 300 BC with Egyptian doctors who embedded precious stones in their teeth and three centuries later in China, acupuncture was used to treat the pain associated with tooth decay. And what about the Ancient Rome where oral care was always very important. But dentists as we know them today appeared in eighteenth-century France.

Between 800 and 2500 BC, the Etruscans and Phoenicians used gold bands and wires for the construction of dental prostheses. In the bands, extracted teeth were placed in the place of missing teeth and with the wires were retained in the mouth.

In 700 BC the Etruscans were the first to use material for implants, such as ivory and sea shells.
The Mayans used inlays of gold, precious stones or minerals for the restoration of dental pieces not only for aesthetics but also for ornamentation.

It was until the nineteenth century with the intervention of the principles of the amalgam was when he began to have scientific basis on the materials mainly emerged information about porcelain and gold.

Costa Rica Dental

It was not until the nineteenth century with the intervention of the principles of amalgam that Costa Rica dental began to have a scientific basis on the materials, mainly information about porcelain and gold.

In 1895 the Faculty of Medicine, Surgery and Pharmacy was created, to which the dental surgeons of the time were assigned.

To avoid mistakes, the Faculty of Dental Surgery in Costa Rica created in 1915 changes its name, and will be called from 1941 as College of Dental Surgeons.
The following year, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund was founded and Dr. Mateo Fournier Quirós was named as the first dentist to work with that institution.

In 1990 the 75th Anniversary of the College of Dental Surgeons was celebrated and the Recreational Center of the College was purchased.

For the year 1900, throughout the Republic of Costa Rica there are twelve dentists established in the capital and one in the province of Alajuela.

Dental Implants Costa Rica – Premier Dental Care Jaco

Costa Rica dental office. Dental implants in Costa Rica. Come visit us in Jaco Beach town. Emergency dentist and kids dentist. All on 4 dental implant procedure.

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Quality Life in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Dental
Costa Rica Dental

The Quality of Life Index carried out by InterNations, the world’s largest expat network that provides information on destinations all around the globe places Costa Rica among the 21 countries that provide a better quality of life.

The top five countries in the index are: Taiwan, Austria, Japan, Spain and Costa Rica.

In the list of best 21 countries there are only two others from the American continent: Canada (12) and Ecuador (18). Other countries in America such as Mexico, ranked in the 22 position while Panama is 33 and the U.S. 35

According to the InterNations site, the methodology included consultation of 14,300 foreigners of 174 different nationalities that live in 191 countries. The survey respondents evaluated at least 43 different aspects of their life abroad in a scale of one to seven, they were asked questions about leisure options, travel and transport, health and well-being, safety and security and personal happiness.

Costa Rica earned third place in Leisure Options, first in Personal Happiness, ninth in Health and Well-Being, eighteenth in Safety and Security and of course the lowest ranking was in the category of Travel and Transport which showed Costa Rica in position 35.

The country’s warm weather and improvements in the language category helped for a higher scoring.

Last year’s winner was Singapore which now dropped to the eight place. While Taiwan took this year’s first place despite not getting the first position in any of the subcategories, but it did rank comparatively well in all of them, particularly scoring high in personal safety and medical care.

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Costa Rica people

Costa Rica people

Costa Rica people

Costa Rica people has held its place at the top of the list of happiest countries in the world. The small
Central American country was ranked highest in 2009, 2012, and 2016, by the Happy Planet Index.
Costa Rica is also home to one of just five Blue Zones in the world, the Nicoya Peninsula, which
provides a great window into why the Costa Rica people are the happiest in the world.

What is a blue zone?

A blue zone is a place where people live longer and remain healthier and happier than anywhere
else in the world. The Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is such a place. Journalist
Dan Buettner conducted a five-year investigation of these special places to gain insight into why
people are living so much longer, while maintaining optimal health and happiness. What he found
was similar in all of the blue zones and a good indications of key factors of happiness.

Family and community

In general in Costa Rica people, family and community are very important and an integral part of daily life.
Oftentimes, and as seen in the Nicoya Peninsula, multiple generations live within close proximity,
if not in the same house, to one another and are actively involved in each other lives. Neighbors
treat one another more like extended family. There is a great sense of connectivity between those
living in the same community. It is this connection that contributes to the overall happiness and
health of those residing in Costa Rica.
Sunshine and work
Agriculture is a major component of the Costa Rica people economy. Many spend their days working
with their hands outside, whether farming, fishing, raising cattle, pigs, and chickens, or working to
care for and cultivate the land. Remaining active, even in old age, is a key component to staying
healthy, strong, and happy. When the body is active happy hormones are released. Spending time
outdoors also helps to supply the body with vitamin D, which plays a major role in both physical
and mental health. A lack of vitamin D has been linked to osteoporosis, heart disease, and

Diet and sense of purpose

Families and communities, like those in the Nicoya Peninsula, typically eat home cooked and farm
fresh meals three times a day. The traditional Costa Rican diet consists of homemade corn
tortillas, rice, beans, plantains, cabbage and carrot salad, and a protein such as chicken, pork chop,
steak, or fish. Oftentimes, the women in the family prepare these meals daily for their families.
Sometimes, extra tortillas, empanadas, or even entire meals are prepared and sold within the
community. Costa Rica people take great pride and joy in taking care of their families and friends.

No army

65 years ago, President Jose Figueres abolished the military in Costa Rica. He literally took a
hammer to the wall around the national military headquarters. These headquarters were later
transformed into a national art museum. Figueres announced that funds once spent on the
military would now be allocated for education, healthcare, and environmental protection. Since
Costa Rica has been demilitarized, Costa Rica has had no conflict either civil or with neighbors that
would require staunch military action.

Peace for all

Good healthcare, education, and employment opportunities
Even though the GDP of Costa Rica is less than $8,000, there are few people who are unemployed,
uneducated, hungry, or homeless. In fact, Costa Rica has a literacy rate of 97.8%, an average life
expectancy of 78.6 years old, and an employment rate of 91.5%. While there is no perfect country,
Costa Rica does for the most part have its priorities straight when it comes to caring for its people.
Just imagine if other countries spent more money on health and education than on the military.
Costa is a great example of this policy.

The big picture

The Nicoya Peninsula is a prime example of how, when these components are present the people
tend to lead healthier, happier, and longer lives than those living elsewhere. It also indicates a lack
of materialism has a positive impact on a country’s happiness index. In Costa Rica there is an
emphasis on family and community, as well as leading an active and purpose filled lifestyle. Also
the fact that Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and bio diverse countries in the world is an
excellent bonus.

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Premier Medical Tourism Costa Rica

Costa Rica dental business and the medical tourism.

Savings are what make Costa Rica one of the best countries for medical tourism in the world — Costa Rica dental medical tourism primary procedures are dentistry and cosmetic surgery, but also orthopedic, bariatric and eye surgery and a growing number of other procedures. Research and clinical initiatives are also enhancing Costa Rica’s capacity to treat patients with heart-related conditions, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s diseases, multiple sclerosis, pain management, and diabetes. Besides the savings, the warm weather and Costa Rica beauty is also a major contributor for medical tourism in Costa Rica.

Medical Tourism Costa Rica statistics from the Costa Rican Health Chamber, PROMED:

  • In 2016 Costa Rica welcomed some 70,000 medical tourists — up from 25,000 in 2008, 30,000 in 2009, 36,000 in 2010 and 48,000 in 2011.
  • Spending by medical tourists in 2016 amounted to $485 million.
  • A medical tourist spends up to seven times more than an ordinary tourist, about $7,000.
  • The medical tourism sector supports some 20,000 jobs.
  • 42% of procedures are dental, 10% cosmetic, 22% other surgeries, 16% preventive medicine and
    other medical spending 10%.

Medical tourism growth in dental Costa Rica

Bill Nichol came from Canada for medical tourism in Costa Rica, he wanted new teeth and went home with a new wife and new teeth. Now 64, Nichol first came here nine years ago for 10 implants and 24 crowns, taking advantage of Costa Rica’s excellence as a destination for medical tourism. He met a Costa Rica woman whom he eventually married, and they live in New Brunswick now.

“Originally when I had my first work done, I think it was $65,000 in Canada for the restoration work, and in Costa Rica at that time it was $11,300,” he said.

“First of all, Costa Rica is already a well-known tourist destination, and then you have the proximity to the U.S., there’s lots of direct flights, and there’s warm weather all year long,” said Brad Cook, director of Medical Tours Costa Rica, which works with large North American companies like Ashley Furniture to save money on medical costs by sending patients here.

“And if people begin to research, they find Costa Rica medical tourism has a high standard in medical care,” he said. “In fact, the World Health Organization has Costa Rica ranked ahead of the U.S. in life expectancy. Here you get high quality at a more affordable price. It’s half to two-thirds less for dental treatments.”

Curry Willix, founder of the Dallas-based Medical Travel Option, said medical tourism in Costa Rica is also more personalized and not so rushed.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism delivers high quality at a more affordable price.

“Speaking as a U.S. resident, our healthcare system is a good one, but the way we care for patients here is decidedly hurried, it’s not ‘pura vida’ at all,” she said. “In the course of my lifetime, the experience of going to see the family doctor has changed so much, you are pretty much a number and you’ve got about 20 minutes or less to get in and out of the doctor’s office, if he’s running on time. So that’s a real distinction.”

Costa Rica’s popularity as a place for foreigners to seek treatment has also spawned a cottage industry that provides lodging, meals and transportation for these patients.

Private accommodations in Costa Rica

Che Tica Ranch is a full-service rehab center near Braulio Carrillo National Park run by a man from
Argentina, Ruben Martin, and his Tica wife Lorena.

“We’ve been here 18 years, we’re the pioneers here in Costa Rica,” Lorena said. “We pick patients up at the airport, take them to the hotel, then we install them here and take them to the appointment, usually the next day. With surgeries, depending on the surgery the patient spends a night in the hospital or if not comes here.

“We offer transportation to the airport, doctors, appointments. We have a nurse, we help with medications, we help with bathing, and we serve all three meals — breakfast, lunch, dinner and a coffee break.”

The facility has wheelchairs, walkers and hospital beds that go up and down with the touch of a button. Lorena said one man came from South Africa to get $20,000 worth of dental implants that would have cost him $60,000 in his home country.

Welcome to PREMIER COSTA RICA DENTAL CARE first world services to our patients world wide.


Practice Yoga in Costa Rica

Yoga Teacher Trainings with Cat Kabira and her faculty are a wonderful way to immerse yourself more in the exploration of yoga whether you want to have a career as a full or part-time yoga instructor or if you simply want the opportunity to delve deeper into the yogic arts and advance your own personal practice even further.

Upcoming Events

Cat offers life-changing workshops, classes, and trainings around the world. Click here to find out where you can connect with her to experience the magic!

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5 Secrets For A Long And Happy Life, From Costa Rica’s Blue Zone

Premier Peque

The secret to living past 100 years old may lie in the gorgeous, sunny shores of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, one of five known Blue Zones in the world. Nicoya’s centennial residents are happy, healthy, and apparently immortal — and we think we’ve figured out why. Read on to learn the ultimate five secrets Asuaire Travel compiled to a long and happy life, from Costa Rica’s Blue Zone in:


1. They get the good kind of sun.

The dangers of sun damage have been well-documented, but it’s important to remember that some exposure to sunlight, in moderation, is crucial for acquiring essential Vitamin D, which helps prevent illnesses from certain cancers to depression — not to mention gives you an enviable glow.

2. They involve themselves in their community.

In this day and age it’s become increasingly easy to isolate ourselves from others, living our lives through our computer screens and Instagram posts. Nicoya’s centennials are proof of how vital it is to have daily, genuine, face-to-face interaction with people in our social circles. Don’t you agree?

3. They eat well, but conservatively.

A good tip for extending your lifespan is to eat a small, healthy dinner in the early evening. Nicoyans practice a diet of rice, beans, corn, greens and a small amount of meat in their daily meals, and they’re all the better for it.
It is algo a delicious and traditional meal in Costa Rica!

4. They make sure to reduce stress.

Stress: one of the modern world’s greatest antagonists. Some stress in life is inevitable, but Nicoya’s elderly citizens believe that those who take active steps to reduce unnecessary emotional and psychological turmoil have the potential to live longer and healthier lives, with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease posing less of a threat. We definitely suggest a relaxing trip to Costa Rica to make your first step towards reducing stress!

5. They have a sense of purpose.

It’s common in later life for people to lose the sense that they’re needed and valuable to their families, friends and communities. By staying involved and active in caregiving and mentorship roles, enjoying hobbies, getting involved in their community, etc.; you can wake up every day with goals and ambition to continue to do your part. The people of Nicoya call this their “plan de vida” – life plan.

Beyond that, it’s good to remember the basics. So: drink lots of water, exercise, plan for the future… perhaps a trip to Costa Rica!
And you will morethen welcome to come to PREMIER DENTAL CARE to have the best experience on your dental care.



Hello beloved friends . I would like to greet you and at the same time communicate about the project we are forming with the help of God and all the citizens of the Garabito community.

(YOUTH WITH PURPOSE): This project was created through sports in order to help the youth of our cantón, Garabito, because our children are exposed to many difficulties and lack the education and help necessary to prepare for the looming future.

Our Mission: ​The mission of Jovenes Con Propositos is to create whole, respectful, honest, and responsible​ youth with opportunities to accomplish their dreams and create a worth future for the Youth of Garabito.

Our Vision: ​The vision of Jovenes Con Propositos is to be a social, active, agile and innovative organization where the educating and helping children is a priority.
– Develop projects that respond to the challenges that arise, with the goal of caring for the integrity of our youth.

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Costa Rica Green Growth Program

Solar Panel

Solar Panels


Costa Rica Green Growth is a program that aims to promote processes of productive transformation that improve the profile of environmental sustainability of companies and with this their export profile, through the granting of seed capital to companies. This is carried out thanks to a Cooperation Agreement between the Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER) and the Costa Rica Foundation United States of America for Cooperation (CRUSA) for a period of 4 years in which Procomer will grant non-reimbursable funds to 200 companies With this program, Procomer intends to diversify and increase the added value of the exportable supply, through the articulation of diverse sources of financing, the productive transformation efforts of the productive sector and the national strategies of export promotion, linkages and undertakings.

Premier Dental Care Jaco

The Promotora del Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica (PROCOMER) and the Costa Rica Foundation United States for Cooperation (CRUSA) had launched the first Costa Rica Green Growth transformation contest. In the first stage of this contest Premier Dental Care Jaco was the olny selected around all Pacific area, its consist on small and medium enterprises that may opt for non-reimbursable funds to develop projects for obtaining certifications and environmental innovation of processes and products, seeking energy efficiency, renewable energy, emission reduction , water use and integrated waste management.

Claudia Dobles, First Lady of the Republic, explained “our country is positioned internationally as a decarbonization laboratory, hence the Government’s actions are aimed at promoting processes such as this, where productive transformation is intended to improve the sustainability profile environmental protection of Costa Rican companies. We recognize the work of PROCOMER to increase the added value of the exportable offer and we thank CRUSA for this Cooperation Agreement. ”

For the Minister of Foreign Trade and President of the Board of Directors of PROCOMER, Dyalá Jiménez, Costa Rica Green Growth is another example of the country’s environmental sustainability and competitiveness vis-à-vis international markets. “Costa Rica already has a consolidated image as a green country, which we seek to strengthen through the” Green Growth “program. There are competitive exporting companies that also contribute to the country goal of achieving a green economy that generates welfare and social equity, while reducing environmental risks, “he said.

For his part, Pedro Beirute Prada, General Manager of PROCOMER, emphasized that this innovative program aims to take national SMEs to another level, at a level where their green transformation increases their competitiveness and makes them more attractive to international buyers. “Consumer trends are increasingly oriented towards environmentally sustainable products and processes, for this reason we are betting on this contest, because for our companies this green transformation is a great opportunity, since it will open the doors to many international markets,” he commented. .

“With this initiative, the CRUSA Foundation seeks to promote high impact solutions to national challenges in a context full of uncertainty. With the Green Growth Program, we promote the development of a productive reconversion platform for exporting SMEs or with export potential, so that, taking advantage of the high global recognition that Costa Rica has in environmental matters, increase its competitiveness, giving a greater added value of its products, by implementing friendly practices with the environment in its production processes, so that they can enter markets with high quality standards, “said Michelle Coffey, Executive Delegate of the CRUSA Foundation.

Competition dynamics

  • It must be an SME (1-100 employees).
  • That PROCOMER has applied the unique exporting diagnosis.
  • Impact positively with your project on one of these criteria: Energy efficiency, renewable energies, emission reduction, water use and integrated waste management.

The winning companies, after having been analyzed by a PROCOMER technical committee, obtain financing of up to 80% non-reimbursable for the development of their project. The amount of the projects varies by category.


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Costa Rica Dental Care

Costa Rica Dental Care

Costa Rica Dental Care

The family oral education

The Family Manual for Oral Health of the Directorate of Development of Health Services of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund is a basic guide for the community, trained volunteers, technicians and professionals, to take oral health education as part of the approach to the family nuclei.

The World Health Organization states: “Health is a fact that is determined by the effective functioning of the family as a biosocial unit in the context of a given society” This aspect is applicable in oral health education actions that they must begin in the families that constitute the central axis of the social nucleus of society.

The process of education for oral health should be given before birth in the family to build the foundations of the future; it is there where healthy societies are built. The family oral education is not only directed to prevent cavities and other oral diseases, but to generate healthy habits and lifestyles, reinforce the principles of each family and promote healthy family relationships.

It is necessary to work in a process of sensitization of the family scenario to involve all members, assigning responsibilities to each person within the family scheme to promote basic habits for good health such as healthy eating, hygiene, harmonious intrafamilial relationships, periodic dental consultation and environments healthy protected from harmful customs.

Oral health origin.

Oral health has its origin from pregnancy, with good physical and mental health of the mother and the care of pregnancy. The child requires careful attention from the first days of his birth being breastfeeding essential for growth and development.

Approximately six months of age, the eruption of the deciduous teeth begins, a period that can last up to three years. In some children there may be various discomforts such as irritability, inflammation, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, among others, which must be monitored.

Parents or caregivers must provide special attention from the first days to teach correct habits of food, hygiene and tooth brushing. From three years on, a stage of greater socialization and autonomy begins, generally they attend maternity centers and educational centers, being these places suitable to reinforce habits of healthy eating and oral hygiene correct. The motto that should be taught to children from small is: “The teeth come out healthy and must remain healthy.

Oral health for adolescents.

The boy and girl at school and then in adolescence to ensure healthy teeth in the adult stage, must maintain good oral habits. In these periods, changes in height, weight, texture continue, the increase in psychomotor skills and abilities being relevant; psychological changes arise and social interaction increases, aspects that can be influenced by the adoption of harmful habits that affect their integral health with harmful repercussions in the oral condition.

Oral health in the adult stage.

In the adult stage, self-care practices must continue, applying the correct techniques of oral hygiene, strengthening healthy lifestyles with nutritious food, exercises that preserve physical health and striving to build a harmonious intrafamilial life that protects the adoption of harmful customs that affect the members of the family nucleus.

Older adults form an important collective; An important group will require support for causes or conditions of physical, mental or economic dependence. In this age, they generate changes in their oral structures so it is necessary to spare no effort in monitoring their hygiene habits. In this stage there is a high percentage of people who use dental prostheses that require special attention for their hygiene and daily use, due to functional and psychomotor restrictions of age.

As expressed in this manual: “The role of parents, grandparents, brothers, caregivers and repeated contact, are the main tools available to the family for education and based on them they will act and promote learning in the school, in the community and in the different programs carried out in the health centers “.

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Yoga retreat Costa Rica

Water Premier Dental Care

Yoga retreat in Costa Rica is what you need.

Do you feel trapped by stress in your daily life? Would you like to escape everything?

Sometimes it is necessary to move away to see life in perspective, and one of the ways to do it is by leaving your comfort zone. That does not mean having a bad time, but rather getting out of the routine and valuing other things, knowing other points of view.

You could practice yoga in your center or in your living room, but there are also places that due to their high energy level become ideal destinations for yoga and that, if we really want to reach high levels of spiritual connection, we should visit at least once in our lives.

It is not just a simple fashion, definitely these places have a favorable vibration for these spiritual activities.
Some will surprise you because they are especially media as a holiday destination and tourism, but rarely speaks of their qualities as a destination to practice yoga.

Costa Rica has many wonderful destinations for yoga, that is why Costa Rica as a country in general is considered one of the 10 best places in the world to practice this beautiful lifestyle.

The rainforests and the two oceans that embrace this country become a source of magnetic energy that annually attracts many yogis from all over the world. People who want to relax and connect with Mother Nature come to this place.

In Costa Rica there are excellent sites for a yoga retreat:

Hermosa beach.

It is the best place to do yoga in Costa Rica, it can even be considered the best yoga destination in all of Central America. With a tropical landscape that will take your breath away, it is an ideal place to escape from the city and relax. Hermosa Beach in Jaco, is only 45 minutes from the main airport in Costa Rica.



Located on the Central Pacific coast, Dominical has one of the most beautiful beaches in this country and is an excellent place for a yoga and surfing holiday in Costa Rica.


Santa Teresa.

Located in the south of the western peninsula of Costa Rica, Santa Teresa is a fishing village famous for its delicious seafood, excellent waves for surfing and the most relaxing yoga retreats in the region.



Located in the northwest of Costa Rica, is a magnet for yoga lovers and surf from all over the world. The region is in a natural dream setting; The jungle extends to the palm trees of the beach, where the sun is reflected in its crystal clear waters. The sky is blue and clear and the climate is tropical. The combination of all these elements makes this place the perfect meditation retreat.


Esencia Solar Retreat Costa Rica.

Come find Your Element to unlock your fullest potential as a fierce, embodied, conscious woman. This retreat in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica is the transformational experience you’ve been waiting for.

Yoga retreat Costa Rica.
Jaco Retreat. Costa Rica, allows you to organize group events for yoga practice. In addition to our specially conditioned platform we have a lounge that provides the ideal environment for talks during the day and artistic events at night.

If you are interested in organizing an event, reserve now you deserve it!

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Costa Rica, International Destination

Costa Rica Waterfall

Costa Rica Waterfall

The magazine Condé Nast Traveler Spain, specialist in tourist destinations, granted to Costa Rica the recognition of the 2018 International Destination.

With tropical rainforests, an abundance of wildlife and pristine beaches, it’s no wonder that eco-pioneering Costa Rica has been recognized as one of the happiest and most peaceful countries in the world. Locals really do live by the phrase ‘Pura Vida’ (the good life), which means channelling to super-healthy lifestyle, from eating well to immersing themselves in nature.

According to the publication, the recognition is made because the country is recognized in the world for being one of the richest destinations in biodiversity, for the variety of its unique tourist attractions and for always going to the forefront in the development of sustainable tourism.

The awards ceremony, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, recognized the best destinations, resorts, spas, urban hotels, getaway hotels, solidarity travelers, family hotels, airlines, cruises, national and international.

To receive the Costa Rica prize, it was included in a list of 25 international destinations at the end of November. Subsequently, a vote was received from the public and from the followers of the website This led the country to the 10 finalists.

In this list I have competed with other destinations of interest for the taste of Spaniards such as the Azores, Cape Town, Mexico City, Scotland, Hawaii, Kerala in India, Nicaragua, Puglia in Italy and Samaná in the Dominican Republic.

Condé Nast Traveler is a means of communication founded almost 20 years ago that has become, more than a magazine, a benchmark for the current Spanish traveler.

Within its editorial line highlights the visualization of the most fashionable and striking destinations, suggesting to its readers how to enjoy them. Its printed edition has a circulation of 20 thousand copies and its website registers almost 800 thousand users and more than 5.5 million monthly page views.


In 2017, the European market showed significant growth and a total of 462,295 tourists from the Old Continent registered.

For visitors looking for adventure, it’s a dreamy destination where you can swap technology and social media for hikes through the jungle, white-water rafting on the rivers and kayaking in the year-round warm sea before flopping on sun-drenched sand. Early-bird surfers are up at dawn to catch the waves. Intrepid naturalists lead jungle treks, pointing out sloths and howler monkeys in the trees. And a variety of other experts, from yoga masters to botanists, will pass on their knowledge. Plus, there are vast national parks to explore and smile-inducing spas where treatments are aimed at soothing minds as much as bodies. Wellness and wellbeing is taken to a higher level, making Costa Rica the ideal destination to reboot and fully recharge

Costa Rica also offers world-renowned cultural wonders, including: the oxherd and oxcart – a masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage – chiefdom settlements and the stone spheres of southern Costa Rica, and the Guayabo National Archaeological Monument. Other nationally prized offerings and cultural traditions shared with visitors include creole swing dance, Limón calypso, traditional Chorotega ceramics, the Boruca Little Devils Festival, art, crafts, music and gastronomy, among others.



The Instituto Costarricense de Turismo at the airport is very helpful and will check hotels for you. Always consult the Foreign Office before travelling.

White beaches and an endless parade of wildlife, fine diving, good food and cool hotels – the pristine paradise of Costa Rica has them all.

Dental Implants Costa Rica – Premier Dental Care Jaco

Costa Rica dentist office. Dental implants in Costa Rica. Come visit us in Jaco Beach town. Emergency dentist and kids dentist. All on 4 dental implant procedure.


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Reasons to invest in Jaco Beach

Premier Jaco

Jaco Beach Costa Rica is located in the Central Pacific Coast of Puntarenas, Costa Rica, at just one hour and half away from the International Airport Juan Santa Maria.

Because Jaco Beach is the closest beach to visit, there is always tourist and locals, from everywhere in Costa Rica, but also from many different countries all over the world, meaning, that Jaco, Costa Rica, have a traffic of over a million of people a year.

Garabito county, where Jaco is, were able to provide Title ownership to all the land facing the ocean in Jaco in 1979, due to a new law, making possible the development of multilevel commercial and residential, title facilities along the beach.


When someone buy beach front property in Jaco Beach, them are buying fully titled beachfront, 100 % warranty by Costa Rica laws, and foreigners, can own it for ever also.

Whether if you are buying residential or commercial Real Estate in Jaco Beach, Jaco is the best place to do it.


Garabito de Puntarenas shows a resurgence of the real estate sector thanks to the execution of new investments and the continuity of tourism projects interrupted by the worsening of the economic crisis during 2008.

The improvement began in 2014, since during the last two years five new tourist complexes were opened, and three more decided to continue their works after being totally or partially detained, reported the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce of Garabito (Catuco).

Precisely, that year the amount of square meters (m²) processed before the Federated College of Engineers and Architects (CFIA) for the construction of projects with a tourism focus shot up.

According to data from this chamber, 1,044 rooms were available in Garabito in 2008, and at the end of 2015, this number amounted to 1,608.

Catuco estimates that there are currently 2,000 rooms for tourist accommodation in the canton.

The most new.

The most dynamic beaches are Punta Leona, Herradura, Jacó and Hermosa.

Hotel Croc’s Casino Resort and the Ocean condo-hotel are part of the new investments in Jacó.

Another new investment in the canton is the hotel Arenas Punta Leona.

Likewise, Grupo Leumi plans to carry out a project called Punta Leona Mantas, with five apartment towers that are intended to be sold or rented for holiday periods.

In Playa Hermosa, the new hotel Tramonto also opened its doors at the beginning of 2015. In addition, since 2013 the investment of the Mystic Community of Beach megaproject has started, which is already working on its second stage that it plans to complete in 2017.

There are three main projects that took up the investment recently.

One is Jacó Bay, in Jacó, which continued with the construction of two missing towers. He also resumed his Breakwater Point activity, selling and renting condominiums, located at the north end and in front of Jacó beach.

Meanwhile, in the southern area of ​​Herradura, the construction of the Punta Bocana project was revived.

However, it considers that tourist visitation should increase and developers should analyze well new investments in the area, because an exaggerated growth could lead to market saturation.


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