• How implants start

    Teeth are vital organs to develop a normal life. Its main function is to crush food to favor proper digestion. But they also play an important social role, since they are not only crucial for phonation, but also for a harmonious expression of the face. A good denture is often a sign of health and

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  • Postoperative Maxillary cyst (POMC)

    A postoperative maxillary cyst (POMC) is a benign lesion arising from trauma or surgery involving the midface, specifically the maxillary antrum, as a late complication. It is usually locally aggressive, and accounts for approximately 20% of the lesions seen in Japanese patients undergoing extensive maxillary sinus surgery. According to the available literature, the insertion of

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  • Dental Health and Wellness

      Why dental health means wellness? Dental health professionals insist that we take care of our mouth in general, and teeth in particular. The reason is not only to make us spend money on hygiene products and dental treatments, but to protect our state of health in all senses, since it is known that there

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