• Premier Oral Surgery

    What is Oral Surgery? Premier oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery is the medical-surgical specialty – commonly referred to as oral surgery – that deals with the prevention, study, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the pathology of the mouth, face and cranial facial territory, as well as cervical structures. DR. Diego González, ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEON

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  • Dental insurance

    Much of that promise by Trump was to ensure that he would build a “beautiful” health system that would be of service to all Americans, a system that would cost less and do more. But several months after starting his presidency,  supports a dental insurance that seems to leave even more out poor people and

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  • Dental Vacations

      Medical Services Are you thinking on a surgery or dental implants? This is the best option to take dental vacations. Medical services are increasingly available to all citizens, regardless of where a person is, there will always be a place to receive medical attention. After a surgery or treatment, the difference lies in the

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