5 Secrets For A Long And Happy Life, From Costa Rica’s Blue Zone

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The secret to living past 100 years old may lie in the gorgeous, sunny shores of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, one of five known Blue Zones in the world. Nicoya’s centennial residents are happy, healthy, and apparently immortal — and we think we’ve figured out why. Read on to learn the ultimate five secrets Asuaire Travel compiled to a long and happy life, from Costa Rica’s Blue Zone in:


1. They get the good kind of sun.

The dangers of sun damage have been well-documented, but it’s important to remember that some exposure to sunlight, in moderation, is crucial for acquiring essential Vitamin D, which helps prevent illnesses from certain cancers to depression — not to mention gives you an enviable glow.

2. They involve themselves in their community.

In this day and age it’s become increasingly easy to isolate ourselves from others, living our lives through our computer screens and Instagram posts. Nicoya’s centennials are proof of how vital it is to have daily, genuine, face-to-face interaction with people in our social circles. Don’t you agree?

3. They eat well, but conservatively.

A good tip for extending your lifespan is to eat a small, healthy dinner in the early evening. Nicoyans practice a diet of rice, beans, corn, greens and a small amount of meat in their daily meals, and they’re all the better for it.
It is algo a delicious and traditional meal in Costa Rica!

4. They make sure to reduce stress.

Stress: one of the modern world’s greatest antagonists. Some stress in life is inevitable, but Nicoya’s elderly citizens believe that those who take active steps to reduce unnecessary emotional and psychological turmoil have the potential to live longer and healthier lives, with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease posing less of a threat. We definitely suggest a relaxing trip to Costa Rica to make your first step towards reducing stress!

5. They have a sense of purpose.

It’s common in later life for people to lose the sense that they’re needed and valuable to their families, friends and communities. By staying involved and active in caregiving and mentorship roles, enjoying hobbies, getting involved in their community, etc.; you can wake up every day with goals and ambition to continue to do your part. The people of Nicoya call this their “plan de vida” – life plan.

Beyond that, it’s good to remember the basics. So: drink lots of water, exercise, plan for the future… perhaps a trip to Costa Rica!
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