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Are you thinking on a surgery or dental implants? This is the best option to take dental vacations.

Medical services are increasingly available to all citizens, regardless of where a person is, there will always be a place to receive medical attention.

After a surgery or treatment, the difference lies in the cost-benefit of each patient. Premier Dental Care Jaco, offers services of excellent quality and at a low cost. Premier oral surgery and premier crowns are some of our dental treatments. Premier Dental Care Center have the best dentist in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is recognized for its political and social stability, this creates an adequate environment as a destination for medical tourism. In addition, the high quality of professionals in health sciences and the varied offer of dental treatments make many people ready to carry out dental vacations and visit Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.


Our proximity to North America and high cultural affinity with this region, makes it a strong investment in health systems. Premier Dental Care Jaco, offers dental implants in Costa Rica at a much lower cost than the United States and also offering the highest quality in each of the premier oral surgery.

91% of people in the United States have a health insurance. Either through insurance companies or public programs.

In addition, many companies offer a method to obtain a insurance that consists of purchasing policies to employees and offer then more efficient payment methods. Self-funded companies are the ones who assume the risk and the responsibility of covering the health expenses incurred by the employees; or assuming themselves, of their own resources and the payment of the health expenses of the employees.

Because in this model the company must have the necessary liquidity to cover the health expenses of its employees, it is mainly the large companies (over 200 employees) that have this type of insurance.

Self-funded companies have more flexibility to select health providers than when contracting an insurance company, this coupled with the interest of these companies to reduce their costs, makes the contracting of health services outside the United States a priority and alse an attractive option.

Premier Dental Care Jaco provides Dental Implants services in Costa Rica, therefore, we have competitive rates for self-funded companies that want to offer “dental vacations” to their employees including the fully-insured plan.

Things to take in mind:

Costa Rica is the fifth place in the world ranking of the most attractive destinations for the purchase of health services among 30 countries published by the International Healthcare Research Center. It is also in the top 5 among the best countries as a place of retirement by International Living.

North America is the main origin of non-residents who visit the country to receive health services. The motivations differ depending on their country of origin, for example, Americans mainly seek lower costs and Canadians shorter times for care.

Among the main success factors of Premier Dental Care Jaco, Costa Rica as a provider of dental implants is: the quality of its professionals and its proximity to the United States, low cost in lodging, food and transportation.

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