Costa Rica, International Destination

Costa Rica Waterfall

Costa Rica Waterfall

The magazine Condé Nast Traveler Spain, specialist in tourist destinations, granted to Costa Rica the recognition of the 2018 International Destination.

With tropical rainforests, an abundance of wildlife and pristine beaches, it’s no wonder that eco-pioneering Costa Rica has been recognized as one of the happiest and most peaceful countries in the world. Locals really do live by the phrase ‘Pura Vida’ (the good life), which means channelling to super-healthy lifestyle, from eating well to immersing themselves in nature.

According to the publication, the recognition is made because the country is recognized in the world for being one of the richest destinations in biodiversity, for the variety of its unique tourist attractions and for always going to the forefront in the development of sustainable tourism.

The awards ceremony, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, recognized the best destinations, resorts, spas, urban hotels, getaway hotels, solidarity travelers, family hotels, airlines, cruises, national and international.

To receive the Costa Rica prize, it was included in a list of 25 international destinations at the end of November. Subsequently, a vote was received from the public and from the followers of the website This led the country to the 10 finalists.

In this list I have competed with other destinations of interest for the taste of Spaniards such as the Azores, Cape Town, Mexico City, Scotland, Hawaii, Kerala in India, Nicaragua, Puglia in Italy and Samaná in the Dominican Republic.

Condé Nast Traveler is a means of communication founded almost 20 years ago that has become, more than a magazine, a benchmark for the current Spanish traveler.

Within its editorial line highlights the visualization of the most fashionable and striking destinations, suggesting to its readers how to enjoy them. Its printed edition has a circulation of 20 thousand copies and its website registers almost 800 thousand users and more than 5.5 million monthly page views.


In 2017, the European market showed significant growth and a total of 462,295 tourists from the Old Continent registered.

For visitors looking for adventure, it’s a dreamy destination where you can swap technology and social media for hikes through the jungle, white-water rafting on the rivers and kayaking in the year-round warm sea before flopping on sun-drenched sand. Early-bird surfers are up at dawn to catch the waves. Intrepid naturalists lead jungle treks, pointing out sloths and howler monkeys in the trees. And a variety of other experts, from yoga masters to botanists, will pass on their knowledge. Plus, there are vast national parks to explore and smile-inducing spas where treatments are aimed at soothing minds as much as bodies. Wellness and wellbeing is taken to a higher level, making Costa Rica the ideal destination to reboot and fully recharge

Costa Rica also offers world-renowned cultural wonders, including: the oxherd and oxcart – a masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage – chiefdom settlements and the stone spheres of southern Costa Rica, and the Guayabo National Archaeological Monument. Other nationally prized offerings and cultural traditions shared with visitors include creole swing dance, Limón calypso, traditional Chorotega ceramics, the Boruca Little Devils Festival, art, crafts, music and gastronomy, among others.



The Instituto Costarricense de Turismo at the airport is very helpful and will check hotels for you. Always consult the Foreign Office before travelling.

White beaches and an endless parade of wildlife, fine diving, good food and cool hotels – the pristine paradise of Costa Rica has them all.

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