Quality Life in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Dental
Costa Rica Dental

The Quality of Life Index carried out by InterNations, the world’s largest expat network that provides information on destinations all around the globe places Costa Rica among the 21 countries that provide a better quality of life.

The top five countries in the index are: Taiwan, Austria, Japan, Spain and Costa Rica.

In the list of best 21 countries there are only two others from the American continent: Canada (12) and Ecuador (18). Other countries in America such as Mexico, ranked in the 22 position while Panama is 33 and the U.S. 35

According to the InterNations site, the methodology included consultation of 14,300 foreigners of 174 different nationalities that live in 191 countries. The survey respondents evaluated at least 43 different aspects of their life abroad in a scale of one to seven, they were asked questions about leisure options, travel and transport, health and well-being, safety and security and personal happiness.

Costa Rica earned third place in Leisure Options, first in Personal Happiness, ninth in Health and Well-Being, eighteenth in Safety and Security and of course the lowest ranking was in the category of Travel and Transport which showed Costa Rica in position 35.

The country’s warm weather and improvements in the language category helped for a higher scoring.

Last year’s winner was Singapore which now dropped to the eight place. While Taiwan took this year’s first place despite not getting the first position in any of the subcategories, but it did rank comparatively well in all of them, particularly scoring high in personal safety and medical care.

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