Yoga retreat Costa Rica

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Yoga retreat in Costa Rica is what you need.

Do you feel trapped by stress in your daily life? Would you like to escape everything?

Sometimes it is necessary to move away to see life in perspective, and one of the ways to do it is by leaving your comfort zone. That does not mean having a bad time, but rather getting out of the routine and valuing other things, knowing other points of view.

You could practice yoga in your center or in your living room, but there are also places that due to their high energy level become ideal destinations for yoga and that, if we really want to reach high levels of spiritual connection, we should visit at least once in our lives.

It is not just a simple fashion, definitely these places have a favorable vibration for these spiritual activities.
Some will surprise you because they are especially media as a holiday destination and tourism, but rarely speaks of their qualities as a destination to practice yoga.

Costa Rica has many wonderful destinations for yoga, that is why Costa Rica as a country in general is considered one of the 10 best places in the world to practice this beautiful lifestyle.

The rainforests and the two oceans that embrace this country become a source of magnetic energy that annually attracts many yogis from all over the world. People who want to relax and connect with Mother Nature come to this place.

In Costa Rica there are excellent sites for a yoga retreat:

Hermosa beach.

It is the best place to do yoga in Costa Rica, it can even be considered the best yoga destination in all of Central America. With a tropical landscape that will take your breath away, it is an ideal place to escape from the city and relax. Hermosa Beach in Jaco, is only 45 minutes from the main airport in Costa Rica.



Located on the Central Pacific coast, Dominical has one of the most beautiful beaches in this country and is an excellent place for a yoga and surfing holiday in Costa Rica.


Santa Teresa.

Located in the south of the western peninsula of Costa Rica, Santa Teresa is a fishing village famous for its delicious seafood, excellent waves for surfing and the most relaxing yoga retreats in the region.



Located in the northwest of Costa Rica, is a magnet for yoga lovers and surf from all over the world. The region is in a natural dream setting; The jungle extends to the palm trees of the beach, where the sun is reflected in its crystal clear waters. The sky is blue and clear and the climate is tropical. The combination of all these elements makes this place the perfect meditation retreat.


Esencia Solar Retreat Costa Rica.

Come find Your Element to unlock your fullest potential as a fierce, embodied, conscious woman. This retreat in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica is the transformational experience you’ve been waiting for.

Yoga retreat Costa Rica.
Jaco Retreat. Costa Rica, allows you to organize group events for yoga practice. In addition to our specially conditioned platform we have a lounge that provides the ideal environment for talks during the day and artistic events at night.

If you are interested in organizing an event, reserve now you deserve it!

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